Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Meeting again tonight at 8PM, but here are today's prompts

All that day she thought of Michaelis

What did you do in the peace, Daddy?

In their last, fading days

The water is brown but they say it's safe to drink

Juanita Creehan was a waitress in a piano bar


I don't know how I feel until I hold that steel

Saving Mrs Birch

Sometimes she wnted to tell her husband

Agatha Christie's AWOL

I stayed a boy for twenty-nine tears, became a man in twenty-nine minutes


Once when she was sixteen, a boy kissed her at a barbecue

They went to Texas

He used to polish his wooden leg with sunflower oil

He was forty-nie the day he was born

Uncle Tom used to say "over-take, Ronnie, not take-over"

National Adultery Week

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