Thursday, August 17, 2006

Five Flashes, Ten Prompts, One Hit

The Tuesday Blast Success was repeated last night, and we will run it again today/tonight with a get together at ten PM.

The Prompts are below

Very pleased to announce a BC "virgin" has now lost her virginity. Our 146th hit of the year goes to Bonzoid who has had a story accepted for

happy Dances all round please.

Here are the prompts for today/tonight, email me if you would like to join us just for the day.

The Smell of Sundays*

The Smell of a Lonely Sunday

Deadline Friday

Awl's Fare

Sorting Out His Papers on the Kitchen Table

The Cobbler's last Pair of Shoes

Romeo & Juliet on MSN

The Owl & the Pussy-cat, a Marriage Made in Hell

Jenkins' Ear

Her Pea-green Boat and What happened With the HarbourMaster


Mrs Jones, the Gentleman From Hitachi is Here to See You

The View From the Cross

Asso Asoo Yogoshi. Me welsh-Speaking Japanese

On the Importance of Voice


My New Painting: A Black Cat in a Coal Mine at Midnight

Potatoes, Lamb, Peas, Mint-Sauce, Gravy

* I just remembered a poem wot I writ 40 years ago (some of it )

Sunday is Cabbage-Steam
Oxo, Mint and Lamb
Screams and squeals outside
and Spanish Eyes

Remember Family Favourites was it, the thing where they talked to troops overseas andplayed them a record... and remember "Spanish Eyes" was in the top thirty for 417 years...

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