Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rush of First Places for Boot Camp

Hazera Forth announces a little "First" in ""Doorknobs" but right on the heel of that comes another first for a Boot Camper, this time $80 in Seventh Quark's Tenth Frantic Flash. (It's a BC top-three).

That comp was poorly supported and just three non-BC entries were received, but we can do no more than write the flashes and send them in.

Third first was 300 Euros in an Irish Comp run by Pencil, Bantry

That takes us to 50 Hits for 2006, 8 First Prizes, three seconds, two thirds and ten more finalists.

Thanks Ross.

Ross Moyes (with a very VERY sexy 12m wide-angle lens on his Canon 10D) shot some excellent photos this weekend in Wales and here are a few.

We were SO lucky with that weather.

As for my writing, another 4,950 today so far...

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