Thursday, February 16, 2006

On Fire!

Much quieter on the subs front, but hey, don't knock it, I've hit a purple patch writing-wise.

A little while back I said never give into the idea of block, just write something, anything. Well, I felt empty of good ideas, ideas for a serious longer short, so rather than have a fallow time, I decided to write up some biographical stuff.

And despite one full day away, and other calls on my time, I am so far up to 50,877 for the month, of which 39,650 is this autobiographical work.

The good thing is that high-activity tends to fire off other stuff.

Meanwhile a few more small hits and the Boot Campers are now on 12 for the month, with 6 Prizes, the level of two of them still TBA

Keep Writing!



Lee said...

"50,877 for the month"

I wondered why no blog updates, that's an awsome word count.

Mine did start to rise at the start of this month, but I was laid low by a god awful throat and chest infection that put me in bed. Just finished a course of antibiotics but have to go back to my quack as I still feel ill.

Completly pissed off after a great start in Jan and promising first week of feb. Just managed 500 odd words yesterday, before that had to do 500 handwritten in bed, before that five depressing days producing nothing other than hideous sputum - actually not that differnt from my usual output when I come to think of it.


Dave said...

I wondered where you'd been Alex. You're right that producing words (any words) fires other things off, I should bear that in mind when I'm staring at the blank screen each morning.

Lee - get well soon mate.

Lee said...

"Lee - get well soon mate."

Cheers Dave. Still ill, only writing in bursts of the odd 500 words or so every other day. Getting plenty of reading done though.