Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14th Flash Blast. Prompt-List 1

Feel free to drop into Boot Camp and join today's blast (goes thru until 0100 Tuesday)

01 The other Monday, a couple of quid

02 Handcart

03 The Earth still turns, shit still stinks

04 Jerry Gibbon and his cohort

05 A cobbled road

06 What I'm trying to explain is, what I mean is...

07 Various Kings & Queens

08 Last Minute!

09 I come from this world of dust

10 Imagine a vat of boiling jam, a house of strawberry jam

11 The rustle of vestments

12 I am anonymous but nevertheless grateful

13 This is the husband, this is the wife.

14 No need to get worked up

15 Like Balloons they day after a party

16 Remember me to Mrs O'Toole

17 Her grandmother had the same name as mine

18 Playing Jacks and kicking our heels

19 The smell of bacon and morning

20 Have a dozen Hail Mary's

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