Monday, February 27, 2012

Two Dozen Prompts

A Naafi Dance
Chase the Lady and other names
Coffee made with condensed milk
How I still want love, to love
I am trying to take things no more than two at a time
I can still remember, "As his spine telescoped into his brain"
I dip my toe in
I find myself leaning towards the page, sniffing
Evil is built-in
I remember stepping off the train, a rabbit
I will be back in the same room
It hasn't rained since you left
It's a kind of porn
It's endearing to watch my back-then self
Just one other, small thing...
A boy who blew his fingers off with a bomb
She said, "Oh, I've never thought of you like that."
The sticky-out ears, the awkwardness
The world sliding slowly away
Their Triumph Spitfires gone
We made love for four days, the room aching
Cold War
What are you doing for the next ten years?

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