Thursday, September 01, 2011

September Blast Prompts 003

I stumbled down the stairs towards the singing

Raw Mango

It felt like the world was too large

The Generals

My suit does not fit, nor do I.

Not Losing

The broken window, light bleeding on the floor


Of white islands, cold, clear sea

I once was six, without troubles


Cattle trucks clanking slowly. Afternoon Heat


There was a fat man there, with a whistle and a hat

So easily doth love depart, so sudden.

Ten Green Bottles

An aeroplane, lights winking, red-green, red-green-red.


All that morning, all that afternoon, barely breathing


The black maid singing by the line


Watch Autumn, it does not come, it rises through

A face, and in her eyes, stars

They may not mean to but they do.

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