Friday, February 04, 2011

Prompts 0.024 Friday 4 Feb

A – One-two-three drains

B – contrail

C - How heavy rain folds

D - An American in Paris

E - his tiny heartbeat

F – Where the end of the road actually is

G – bring down the walls

H – Blue Apples

I – I may not get up today

J - as they pass a pillar is between them

K - A Story beginning: Look, it wasn't my fault, all right?

L – Don't trust me. I'm pretending to be a doctor

M – two, very young, walking through the corn, bright sun

N - Bluebells

O – Chicken Run

P – a rose is a rose is a rose

Q - Planet

R – Old movies should be black and white

S – The sea is calm tonight

T – She's not that heavy

U - Perowne, the terrible, boring man

V - in his sleep

W – I quite like Barabas, actually

X – office black

Y – Two coffees, very black

Z – Martha Reeves

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