Monday, November 26, 2007

13 Boot Camp Hits: $322

1 Jason picks up Third Place ($200) ad in the H E Bates Short-Story Competition (Print)

2 Joel gets Highly recommended in the H E Bates Short-Story Comp, also (Print)

3 Jason Jackson was shortlisted at Guildford

4 TomC is accepted for "Chaos Theory" ($10)

5 Cally earns $50 and a nice Oz publication in "Etchings" (Print)

6 Rupert gets into Diddledog

7 Christina has a flash accepted for Smokebox

8 Louise Cypher gets $20 and a pub in "Murky Depths" print mag

9 Jason Jackson earns $30 with a story at Espresso Fiction

10 Matt gets a story into January's "Transmission" (Print)

11 Tom gets a story into "Fly in Amber" ($10)

12 Tom has a story in "Balderdash" and earns a whole $2

13 Rupert has a story accepted for print-mag "Four Volts"

11 Joel gets highly recommended at JBWB

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