Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wot No Hits?

No Hits (yet) today and BC is still quiet but congrats to almost new-member Julie on the birth of her first child, and welcome to a new member "Gab" currently bsed in Mexico.

Here are a few photos and Thursday Morning's Prompts.

The geometric thing is PJ's building experiment using dry spaghetti and marshmallows. It would have been bigger but we ran out of floor space.

Thursday Prompts (you could use the photos, too!)

Seven Feet Under

The Estuary

The Early History of Rome

Stirring Custard on Mars


When Madness is Attractive

Your VT Payment is...

Buffalo's Bill

Unfitted Kitchen

The Chronicles of Nanna

Builder's Bottom Tea, Six Sugars, Ooooh

The Calamities of Jane

The Arrangement

Daisy, Daisies, Buttercups, A Day to Die

The Terror

And a new shot of the chapel at Llyngwrryl


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