Monday, December 26, 2005

Some of My Publications On Line

As I'm a teacher of creative writing it makes sense to list some of my work. A large chunk of my work is in print, rather than on line but here are some of my web publications. My story "Meredith Toop Evans & His Butty Ernie the Egg" was the inaugural story at Atlantic Monthly's Unbound site, but you need to subscribe there to read it.

Here are some you can read free:

Mississippi Review
First Place in the Lichfield Prize. Also published at The Alsop Review and in print in Ireland's "Whispers & Shouts"

Blue Moon Review

Tanner Hop, Coyotes, Interrupt Us
Jack Hancock's War

The Alsop Review

The Last Love Letter of Berwyn Price
£1,000 second in the UK's prestigious Bridport Prize

Mother, Questions
Mother, Questions was Joint First-Place for Buzzwords Prize

The Smell of Almond Polish
First Place Winner Focus on Fiction

Yellow, Black, Red, Blue
Third Place The Philip Good Prize.

Better Just Go
Third Place Raconteur VII

Twice placed third in UK Competitions

Denis Potter, Bus to Malpas
First Published New Welsh Review and Anthologised, Partian Books.

The Temporary Possession of Frank Smith
First Published in print at Keltic Fringe and Cambrensis.

Prefabs, Colours
First published in print by Cadenza

Lunch, No Oysters
First published in print by Peninsular

Cow 7B

Four Flashes


Jeremy Browne's Guest
First Published in print World Wide Writers II

Lids, Sticks, Joe Loss

Python Pat

A Messgae to the Writers Group

Her Cat

Our Houses, Night


Three Flash Fictions


Fucking Tragic

A Little Man

About Jose


Henry V
Tomatoes Flamingos and Other Interesting Facts
Five Days in May

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