Wednesday, December 23, 2015

 Advent Prompts 3926-3950 

 23 December 2015 - 18:45

3926 Meeting you made my dreams pathetic
3927 I am taking my wife to Oxford for a short holiday
3928 Bloody people KEEP telephoning
3929 Everyone was terribly square
3930 I'm sorry to pester you

3931 Bloody awful old life isn't it?
3932 I would reply differently if I were a different sort of chap
3933 You exhaust me but please don't change
3934 Delighted to hear you sounding so jolly
3935 Do they know the cause yet?

3936 Dearest Pigeon. Now THAT was a sparky day!
3937 We haven't spoken since you buggered off
3938 I have a new typewriter, absolutely spiffing
3939 The biggest tits I've ever seen on the hoof
3940 Are we still on for the 17th?

3941 Those French-speaking fuckers!
3942 And a happy 1964 to you, Sir!
3943 I had left Swansea by then, so was unreachable
3944 I hereby resign
3945 I can assure you I am not "playing hard to get"

3946 We strained every nerve to get to see you, but the damn car!
3947 You were very understanding about "the business"
3948 I have done a little thinking 
3949 Weather marvellous, company excellent
3950 First chance I've had since it happened

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