Friday, December 11, 2015

Advent Prompts 3176-3200 - 

11 December 2015 - 15:10

3176 She laughs like  a suicide falling
3177 If I am not me without my glasses, who would I be in contact-lenses?
3178 Stick my name on the jacket, I'll learn poetry later
3179 Piss and whisky look similar in the glass
3180 I want a tiny funeral with a midget marching band

3181 A sack full of pubes to be sorted, logged
3182 I may be dying, but I didn't volunteer
3183 You were never a sperm, at best you were half of something
3184 That's the thing with strokes
3185 Father Maloney's House-Keeper

3186 If the penis rises can you talk it down?
3187 All that glisters is shiny plastic
3188 Two buckets, three buckets-full of water
3189 Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?
3190 Rolling Stones, Moss and Shit

3191 I was boiling eggs when they started screaming
3192 He was pinned by the elbows, ankles, neck.
3193 The bullshit of the confessional 
3194 I am developing a politician's voice
3195 Swimming in whisky, not caring if we swallowed

3196 I listen hard but you insist on saying pleasant things
3197 Cabbage dragged itself out of the saucepan, throbbed in agony on the side
3198 The Condom Delivery Drone
3199 I think beds should be fifty foot high and require cooperation 
3200 If we were glass and all our insides showing

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