Wednesday, December 16, 2015

 Advent Prompts 3576-3600 

 16 December 2015 - 23:00

3576 We have found ourselves in a hut, sleeping in bunks
3577 He is  a most cunning rogue
3578 She is Hobson's widow and relentless
3579 We discussed various matters of aviation and the fact his daughter was a whore
3580 She is particularly ugly, but efficient

3581 I am the financial edge.
3582 Girls are problems, simple!
3583 There is nothing more sickening than living of the heroism of others
3584 Nervous, agitated, with the movements of a stick-insect
3585 The death sentences have excited the villagers

3586 My grandson watching Star Wars 99
3587 I am concerned with the plight of the men
3588 I am up to here with frivolity
3589 A slightly better prostitute accosted me
3590 Only solution the window

3591 The best gentlemen have left town
3592 My mare bolted, caught by two Billingsgate boys
3593 The salt baths were dirty with occasional pubic hairs
3594 After dinner, we set off for the beach
3595 Her family thinks she is a button-girl in Woolworths

3596 The theft of a butter tub: Guilty
3597 I believed I may have touched a tender spot
3598 We met soon after prayers
3599 Nobodies should be despised
3600 There was no First World War for Kafka

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