Thursday, December 31, 2015

Advent Prompts 4401-4425

31 December 2015 - 10:00

4401 Come on Down, Girls!
4402 Time's elasticity varies in inverse proportion to need
4403 We had point signatures. elbow. wrist
4405 I am never sure what people mean by "stranger"

4406 Probably in KL or Singapore
4407 My mother's thimbles, needles, cotton, false-teeth
4408 genuine Faux
4409 There is something exquisite in a perfectly-ironed pillowcase
4410 But they are not US

4411 I was just passing through
4412 A B&B in Portmadoc or Harlech
4413 It was a conception in reception
4414 A shallow bath heavy Dettol yellow
4415 You could be my son. Would you like to?

4416  It is barely four, there is an odd buzzing of the light
4417  Cheese
4418 Maybe there is a man who'll lift you up
4419 Reading about Gurkhas
4420 If something started it'll have been in The Red Lion

4421 We can walk along backstreets expecting to be mugged
4422 My Lambretta Vega 76cc
4423 I suspect she knew all along
4424 Old barmaids, stooping. incredible beer
4425 Late, as more and more lights go out

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