Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Advent Prompts 3476-3500 

15 December 2015 - 19:15

3476 Right or wrong, I shall send him a few hundred
3477 I have no control over the content
3478 Enjoyable, all the way through - delightful
3479 I am boiling. I feel I may explode
3480 I will probably join a few exclusive clubs

3481 Who am I to judge another man's needs?
3482 Clear and boring, or exciting and obtuse?
3483 We just substitute one kind of trivia for another
3484 I try not to take myself too seriously
3485 Thank you for your comment. I hope I will have the chance to insult you some time in the future

3486 Accept there will be handicaps
3487 Write it off, forget it, hope they don't hate you.
3488 This will be a massive floperoo
3489 It is not a mystery to me
3490 I hope one day, that California slips into the sea

3491 There is something about the literary life that deadens the soul
3492 I don't consider a hairline distinction to be a difference
3493 She is slick, presentable, wears very dark lipstick and eats men
3494 Many thanks for answering so promptly
3495 It is best to avoid money

3496 Go broke: discover your friends
3497 The tail-coated barbarians of Eton and Harrow
3498 I am saddened that you consider this intransigence
3499 Nothing to eat but damn celery soup
3500 It is easy to be snotty and "clever" the German way

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