Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Advent Prompts 3876-3900 

22 December 2015 - 20:15

3876 Where you are is important, what you are is vital
3877 Ten years ago this week my father went headfirst into that river
3878 I remember him now. He was the one with the scar
3879 I found an old Argus, the headline wasn't pretty
3880 And the soil in my hands is bloody

3881 Read the script. In the end you die
3882 We have him on a poetry drip, staring with milk Haikus
3883 A perfect lawn
3884 Sometimes I think I've caught the rhythm, but then it shifts
3885 She actually liked Marmite

3886 We can make an accommodation
3887 I am not renowned for my sense of direction
3888 Lozenge
3889 Your hand in mine; but then I throw it in the river
3890 Basically I'm raw material. Use me.

3891 A town full of green men
3892 My name is Alice Springs (unfortunately)
3893 I owe too much money to the wrong men
3894 She looked a million dollars and was only fifteen
3895 We could meet in my father's shed, have sex on the fertiliser 

3896 That's the thing about candles
3897 Coracle
3898 My name is Benjamin Pope, recently deceased
3899  I will get there eventually
3900 Just bluster, wait for the cavalry

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