Sunday, December 27, 2015

Advent Prompts 4201-4225 

27 December 2015 - 11:20

4201 I do not imagine tongues or light, but relations, that would be kind
4202 Where is the life, in the flower or the bulb?
4203 Perhaps we become great buildings
4204 We could try summoning birds, communing
4205 At the circus maybe, in the jaws of an angry lion

4206 Whatever, there are other forms, different times
4207 Treat each time we wake as a promise
4208 It is different from all the ways they said
4209 If suddenly I did not exist, as far as you knew
4210 It is important that you stay between the lines

4211 We will trick the nurses and slip away
4212 It is a kind of late winter, when you need to sleep a while
4213 I am not dead, I may not be dying, I'm probably not even sick
4214 This is the face of my family, a kidney, a little marrow
4215 Whose is this empty place?

4216 Slow horses, moving steadily
4217 Sleep son, sleep. It will be all right
4218 Fear to live instead!
4219 My great grandfathers sleep and their fathers. It is song
4220 Suns die and we are much smaller

4221 From the train so quickly naked to the showers, no ceremony
4222 And the water accumulates, I become larger
4223 is yours a hungry bear, a snake, or a vulture stealing bits of you as you rot
4224 Nothing is lost until we give up looking, and even then..
4225 You would have to say that death at the wrong time is a bitch

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