Friday, December 11, 2015

Advent Prompts 3201-3225 - 

11 December 2015 - 16:53

3201 Everything was readying her for the sea
3202 She slept under bridges and with insalubrious men
3203 The cover of Vogue or People
3204 Remembering the weight and size of her father
3205 Tall, elegant, slightly above us all

3206 I would slap you but I am not that kind of man
3207 Bewildered by the heat and noise
3208 Swelling with sexual need, and vaguely, hope
3209 Someone will send for a priest
3210 She dazzled, of course

3211 This is the most human thing I have ever done
3212 To be ordinary for a week, sit before a fire and eat toast
3213 Water tart with lime, sparkling in gleaming glass
3214 Fat with chemicals building, nibbled by sea creatures
3215 We stopped the car, stepped out into salt and heat

3216 She smoked in that fuck-you way certain women have
3217 Like a low slow bell tolling underwater
3218 Something golden, amazing, tragic
3219 Someone remembered the night as dangerously calm
3220 A boat burning, far out, too far

3221 I will never be your father, or your brother
3222 Hit me if it will make you feel alive
3223 She leaned and kissed me on the mouth
3224 Steal something trivial
3225 All we wanted was to love quietly

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