Saturday, December 12, 2015

Advent Prompts 3301-3325

12 December 2015 - 17:30

3301 I worry how just flat with age I cannot bother
3302 Dreams crowd around him, coming true for others
3303 Kittiwakes
3304 I think when death will come, it will sit beside you, shake your hand
3305 We burst out singing

3306 We live in hungry fields
3307 I dream too often of my father tramping home
3308 The Elliot Ness Monster
3309 I will build a white cottage beneath the dark mountain
3310 Playing blues music on my cranky old machine

3311 Fuck you, I was saving those plums
3312 Early, the milk-train slowly sloughs through the town
3313 1-0 down away on a filthy Monday night
3314 A thousand penguins in the Thames
3315 I am watching water on the glass, feeling fat

3316 Shimmer, Sky
3317 We were advancing until Jenkins said he felt something
3318 Something in my eye
3319 If I could have a jewel, it would be coal
3320 All the fun of the fair

3321 I delude myself thinking she will come back
3322 He said lie down, rest up your bones but stay alert
3323 You have had a less than happy time
3324 Buttercups
3325 I am up and down in lifts, sweating; books, books, books

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