Saturday, December 26, 2015

Advent Prompts 4076-4100

26 December 2015 - 08:05

Boxing Day II

4076  Full fathom five (fucking deep)
4077 A man, naked, blue, his picture in a cave. I was here!
4078 I may have to return to New York
4079 Kick a Nazi in the trousers
4080 Frankly it was an exceedingly dull read

4081 He sees what other see but differently
4082 I have nothing of importance to say
4083 A land where they laugh
4084 A man called Sullivan, sells brushes and polish for to door
4085 I was the toast of Newport, Mon

4086 This little thing inside, tick, tick, tick
4087 November rain is different. It wants you.
4088 The I gave my lecture
4089 Extremely funny postcard sent!
4090 Throw me a child

4091 The Football Pools, BFPO 19, Breast of Lamb
4092 These fat, ugly, ugly feet
4093 Just before Christmas, bronchitis, not good
4094 My wife in another room, the long long insult
4095 Sweating for the last number

4096 The Welsh? They have poets but Jesus, all that coal and gloom!
4097 So what if we go that way instead?
4098 Martin Fucking Amis
4099 At least I don't come from Cardiff
4100 I'm planning to read War & Peace, a page a day

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