Friday, December 18, 2015

Advent Prompts 3651-3675 - 

18 December 2015 - 00:30

3651 My jacket stole, only a button on the floor
3652 He had eyes like frosted glass in a cheap toilet
3653 The censor had blacked out ever word except "cock"
3654 Burke hanged this morning
3655 I have finished painting and I need to recuperate

3656 People are far too optimistic
3657 So I'm in The Hard Rock between fat agents and big-totted starlets
3658 I am not in the best of tempers, Sir, I warn you!
3659 Nothing happened to day. Nothing. In diary wrote, "Nothing Happened today."
3660 I really we feel we ought to kill someone.Let them know we are serious

3661 One dead, four saved, three more missing, presumed drowned
3662 Thank you for your note which I read carefully, but I see no reason to apologise
3664 It seems the king is smitten by an American whore
3665 These are the SIXTIES, Darling!

3666 You will have received my wire by now
3667 He was something of an athlete, and self-centred
3668 I heard she fucked a bobby in an alleyway in Kew
3669 Very Glum!
3670 The faux friendships of Americans

3671 I have been considering what might be done
3672 Balderdash, Sir! Absolute Piffle!
3673 She spends her days sweating as Minnie Mouse for ugly children
3674 Really, I ought to be in bed, preferably accompanied
3675 I am guilty. I must be guilty of SOMETHING

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