Thursday, December 31, 2015

Advent Prompts 4426-4450 

31 December 2015 - 20:18

4426 We had to have the cat put down. Sad.
4427 Once, in a tea shop, she broke my heart
4428 Playing old vinyl, The Stones
4429 The standard Hollywood depravity
4430 The Mother of all queues

4431 Worms, undercover operatives. Slugs, terrorists
4432 It is impossible for me to live here.
4433 It's a long list, a lot of names
4434 He tastes nothing but his own bile
4435 The unicorn, quite rightly. said fuck this

4436 In the best stories, the baddie fights dirty, still loses
4437 He knew everything, but only from books
4438 I am resting between breakdowns
4439 He was imprisoned, I believe, something to do with a child
4440 We all sit close, pull the pin, pass it round

4441 Whoever is holding the grenade -- when -- dies
4442 The afternoon regulars, 19p cake, free hot drink
4443 He's a big man, he'll take it
4444 Since you left the rooms are smaller and more empty
4445 It's wood but not wood. Not plastic either

4446 She licked him to death
4447 I would like to fly, to sail beneath oceans, see the future
4448 Tomorrow is cancelled. sorry
4449 Do I have to keep talking?
4450 Lock me up. See if I care!

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