Monday, December 21, 2015

Advent Prompts 3751-3775

21 December 2015 - 09:30

3751 The street fills for midnight, decays quickly after one.
3752 This state of mind, mine, displeases me
3753 There is something quite splendid in a friend mortified
3754 You leave me undone
3755 I am a little bored. Would you care to fornicate?

3756 There is something vaguely sexy about your double standards
3757 "Oh would I might wander" or something
3758 After the first shock, there comes a recognition, a kind of re-assessment
3759 I am red-blooded; you are all white-cells, choking
3760 You walked here; I can feel it

3761 That's the thing about sexual intercourse: it can't be done dry
3762 The female poet doesn't Sitwell with me
3763 Somehow he stares from every painting
3764 Yes, it's still fucking raining. No, we are not there yet!
3765 Once brown men here, barefoot but with the planet in their hearts

3766 Vote? Lie down in the shit if it pleases you.
3767 Listen, have a party, but then it's OK to forget me.
3768 I'm sixteen, wanting to buy her a locket
3769 The more superior person books an appointment, stays not a second too long
3770 The sweating garbage puked out from distant countries

3771 Goes by initials, very secretive
3772 An incident is being reported in Rhyl, North Wales
3773 Your writing is hard to decipher
3774 If swans were black and ugly
3775 Picasso has had an accident. Details sketchy.

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