Friday, December 11, 2015

Advent Prompts 3151-3175 - 

11 December 2015 - 11:13

3151 Yes, I iron towels
3152 There was a lot more blood on the day
3153 Stalls
3154 There is an art to being sad
3155 It's been a week and a half and still your mask hasn't slipped

3156 A plaque for our three VCs, bike-tracked, irrelevant
3157 This is how the evening ends, not with a bang but with a Wimpey
3158 Fresh Towels
3159 Why alleyways and phone boxes stink of piss
3160 Remember Letters, that feeling deep down, the dizzy slit?

3161 In particular I'd like to take another run at seventeen
3162 Vegetables I have never seen, odd names
3163 The fires scream, the drums sound out
3164 We start off walking easy, the moon in tow
3165 In Nandos vaguely not thinking about sex

3166 The way the cafe's windows fog, the way fat falls
3167 Pen-y-Fucking-Fan and Penny Fucking Rain
3168 March and I'm digging, weeding. August is three operations away
3169 So Paddy, Taff, Blackie, what the fuck are you doing 'ere?
3170 She choked on her Saint Christopher (bad for business)

3171 Tanks only look sexy from the outside
3172 We are kind of submerged and speaking German
3173 My useless, pathetic youth
3174 Bar stools smoothed by a thousand fat arses
3175 Your dreams need a serious edit

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