Monday, December 07, 2015

Advent Prompts 2826-2850 -

07 December 2015 - 05:56

2826 Past the last house, past where they were going to build
2827 The story they told us about thistles
2828 How amazing is the fifty cent bullet
2829 Beyond the forest, beyond the rivers
2830 Everything is found

2831 One Sunday when summer was heavy on us all
2832 Red Kites, Crows, Magpies
2833 A shadow of a shadow of the truth
2834 A place where waters drain well enough
2835 You cannot leave on old dreams

2836 A sky so outrageous, bigger than sky
2837 Why the top spins and later clatters
2838 I left for a while
2839 Girl in a light blue T-shirt
2840 This was once Mesopotamia

2841 A woman singing Amazing Grace
2842 When I am a little drunk but not yet sick
2843 It is a wood we know well
2844 I did not know then but now I think I know
2845 It all connects and never disconnects

2846 There are times when poetry is not enough
2847 I am language, you are music
2848 The house is only silent to the dumbest ear
2849 I will try to tell you all the things I know
2850 Outside is death, trees sighing, earth lifting

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