Sunday, December 27, 2015

Advent Prompts 4176-4200

27 December 2015 - 08:00

4176 When she died and her parents insisted, I had to remind myself she was a white witch
4177 I am at stage 593 of grief
4178 had once danced naked under a Lundy Moon
4179 It is the softness of these dim drums, their gentleness
4180 Hey, Mr Spaceman!

4181 I leave a cow and my eternal hatred
4182 Do I think I can ever sit outside a sunstruck cafe again?No
4183 What is worse than losing a child? Seeing your child lose hers
4184 I hear pieces of laughter, all of the same. her cut up, upon a table, giggles rising
4185 Bad weather

4186 Pile the snow high after as much soft earth as you can find
4187 I would be a widow, but first there must be a husband
4188 We need relief, something jolly
4189 I am faithless but I like hymns and goldfish
4190 This is the difficult part, the sordid facts

4191 It is worse when it is sunny
4192 His was large, solid, open; a good soul
4193 No Dominion: Not gone there gentle.
4194 We die, of course. It is not the leaving but the being left
4195 They died in the same crash, I pray they did not know the other

4196 How does she fill the room with the screaming fact she is not here?
4107 We float, we fly. We are simply not bothered holding on ay more
4198 Nothing now, nothing ever will have a point
4199 Imagine he is in Butlins
4200 In the sky, great planes streaming smoke

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