Thursday, December 31, 2015

Advent Prompts 4376-4400

31 December 2015 - 06:34

4376 I think I will go for a walk 
4377 Anyone would think I'd been away long
4378 I woke and the house was crying
4379 How do you like my mask?
4380 Filing halfpennies for the meter

4381 Just how fast did I get this fat?
4382 Two men waiting for a train
4383 Barefoot but immaculate
4384 It is unfortunate that you have seen my face
4385 You're shouting now. Please stop.

4386 Imagine pitching a tent on an iceberg, attaching an electric motor then visiting Africa
4387 It's the Vinyl Countdown
4388 Black Candle, Black Flame
4389 I have a dog who hates women dressed in green
4390 Come home. come back in, there's a kettle on

4391 Large print always makes me think of rip-off
4392 I shall invent tea
4393 The world might end tonight, but then doesn't it every night?
4394 You were always one for jumping out of things
4395 I bought my wife a pea-green suit

4396 One man says something ti another man
4397 I suppose I am bitter, but I am not malicious
4398 There's ANOTHER fucking year?
4399 Why woman smiles in her sleep. I do not know where she is
4400 Fuck Rudolph, bloody Commie

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