Monday, December 21, 2015

Advent Prompts 3801-3825 -

21 December 2015 - 21:56

3801 Do you bite your thumb at me, Sir?
3802 Is it because I'm Irish?
3803 His stronger foot, his weaker arm
3804 A husband beats a wife
3805 Quoting Jay Gatsby

3806 'S' called inter-fuckinng-course
3807 Hope, the seed of insanity or inhumanity
3808 There was a young man called Hunt; who most of the time was a decent bloke
3810 Nothing sharper, more aroused than the man before his death

3811 The forensic analysis of loneliness
3812 Talk to me of war after you have seen a dead man
3813 The Martian
3814 A Small Lie
3815 To be beautiful and a fool

3816 The fundamental theories of human statistics
3817 They build you up, your mother, your father
3818 Losing 1-0 away, ten minutes to go
3819  The neon beauty of The Emirates
3820 Ish Cwishmas

3821 The precise definition of bravery
3822 OOPS!!
3823 Fuck this for a bunch of soldiers
3824 Just say something that nobody will understand
3825 My daughter doesn't quite get the point...

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