Thursday, December 17, 2015

Advent Prompts 3601-3625 

17 December 2015 - 07:30

3601 Am I right in thinking that your father married my mother?
3602 Says I to me, George this is a bad do.
3603 Prince Charming no longer charms us
3604 We took tea in a frantic café resplendent with busted dowagers
3605 An excellent afternoon. Four guns, seven hundred rabbits

3606 Walked back to the commons in the rain
3607 I have turned down a handsome offer to play opposite Lemmon
3608 For a day, only a day, I would like to be a servant.
3609 Perhaps I was becoming a little smug
3610 Tried to write about art. No good

3611 A jangle of starlings
3612 No lights bright enough to breach the fog. Drums on the shore
3613 Dusk echoing with the tramp of boots
3614 The character of John Bull.
3615 There is a man upstairs in bed with my wife. You must all leave forthwith.

3616 I was a secretary there, but only briefly
3617 They take their sex lives seriously
3618 I will spend evenings before the mirror asking how I am
3619 We took a Greyhound to anywhere
3620 A voice that frightened pigeon

3621 Ireland is perfect, except it is Catholic
3622 Just Fuck Off, December!
3623 Subjected to some abuse. They called out Yid and Yad, but no windows broken
3624 Have just got back from analysis. I am clearly barking
3625 I felt it was time to go home and speak to my wife

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