Wednesday, December 23, 2015

More Prompts

Sometimes I wonder about the inside of my head...

Advent Prompts 3901-3925

23 December 2015 - 07:45

3901 This needs to be a good one
3902 I was drunk last month, drunker in October
3903 You took the best bit of me and threw it out
3904 I never had a cuddly bear, just soldiers made of tin
3905 The common, two labradors, cruise missiles, USAF, the women

3906 Gravity is a con. You just have to want to float and then believe
3907 Imagine paying tax. No, really, just for a minute
3908 Like you fell in this fresh grave, midnight, walking home. The sides are wet
3909 I have filthy nocturnal habits but I shower in the morning
3910 A man, having finished his coffee, has started screaming

3911 This incredible moment
3912 I will build a church upon a frozen lake and we will pray to keep it cold
3913 Why, exactly, does snoring disgust us?
3914 I put out a sign, Jehovah's Witnesses Welcome
3915 Trying to dry myself

3916 I am hoping to reach Tuesday for then the lights come back on
3917  I read once, this story about the sky coming down a little more every day until
3918 I have fallen in love with a fish
3919 Shoes, sandals, boots
3920 A terrible tragedy, only the children saved

2921 This is forbidden, that is forbidden, you are forbidden
3922 The land that is only land at low water, what does it think?
3923 I would rather absorb than be absorbed, but it is close
3924 This is an emergency, please send a poet.
3925 I wish I could just mend boats, somewhere where the sun is always kind

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