Saturday, December 12, 2015

Advent Prompts 3276-3300

12 December 2015 - 09:16

3276 A snowman is water and a carrot
3277 There are people pressed against the fence, just bones and eyes
3278 Behave or I swear I will swing for you
3279 He stands and swings the hammer
3280 Turn on the taps, listen, that is called water.

3281 Once it was about the fleet, the strong, a man's character
3282 They are sending you an email to confirm
3283 We considered a moonlight flit, or perhaps a fire for the insurance
3284 The gorgeous aroma of freshly-lying tar, of breweries, bacon on the air
3285 I have been pocket-dialled

3286 It may be, one day there will be flowers here, even a high sun burning
3287 It is true I lived nearby, but I was not a soldier nor a clerk, so stayed away
3288 Time Please. Time, Gentlemen Please!
3289 I have the blood of animals on my hands
3290 Old black and white streets, buses red as birthdays, Conductors, Clippies

3291 It is the weight of all these things, the weight
3292 There are fields of turnips, fields of swede
3293 This is as good as it gets
3294 One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four
3295 Mrs Christiensen

3296 De Havilland, Supermarine, Sopwith, when it was still magic tied with string
3297 There is a town they call Brighton, grey and cold and old
3298 It is like a frost in the belly, relentlessly cold
3299 Remember how we called it "Shock and Awe", how we sound-byte war?
3300 She said, "Inspector, Cheer Up! It may never happen!"

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