Monday, May 04, 2015

Mayhem Prompts 007

Mayhem Prompts 007


04-May 11:35

1751 He may have been great. He was still a bastard.
1752 I wonder about my father's desires
1753 Like passers-by on a wild, windy night.
1754 How these windows glow
1755 Once I told you of my dreams

1756 The darkness deep in the forest
1757 The C-Word, obviously
1758 The less I say, the better
1759 How hate should be released slowly
1760 Trying every kind of tea except the stuff that tastes like shit

1761 The intricacies of a dry-stone wall
1762 Blood, feathers, the stink of dying
1763 The rumour is more or less verified
1765 I need a reason to go out

1766  Poems About Bears
1768 Fiddler
1769 My incomprehension takes years of dedication
1770 Let's go to an island

1771 Cleaning Out the Spare Room
1772 SOCK
1773 The outside sound of throbbing diesel 
1775 Just for the exercise, imagine me with a soul

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Mayhem Prompts 006

Mayhem Prompts 006 
02-May 08:30
1726 Learning to Like Green Tea
1727 Tram
1728 PLAY The Birdie Song on repeat, listen four times then write white screen
1729 She probably deserved it
1730 The Selfish Gene Wears a Blue Tie
1731 Negotiating with ex-wives
1732 Ping-Pong
1733 I am making things square
1734 Some seek out thorns
1735 Do you remember, how in the past ...
1736 Yesterday I ran a mile
1737 Low fat something or other
1738 Going forward, with my sister, towards my father's body
1739 Jesus Loves You, but doesn't give a fuck about me
1740 Learning to make dragons 
1741 You cannot always see the blossom
1742 Now University costs £19,000 per term...
1744 The Unnecessary Existence of Gravity
1745 The Solution to Pollution is Dilution
1746 I will learn to live without you
1747 If I could rise from here I would smite you down
1748 BLACK
1749 I hope to come back as a parasite
1750 Various Incidents Concerning My Penis

Monday, April 27, 2015

Mayhem Prompts 003

Mayhem Prompts 003


27-Apr 23:06

1651 You're never alone with a Strand
1652 Not even slightly naked
1653 It is important that you hear my voice
1654 At night, in Mayfair
1655 Father Maloney

1656 Letter from Bengal
1657 A Flax Hacker from Washbrew Lane
1658 700 Loaves
1659 I would prefer to be beautiful
1660 Something is moving in there

1661 We live in ruins, as quietly as we can
1663 Thomas McLintock's Will
1664 My Angry Shadow
1665 Afterwards, we would not speak on Sundays

1666 Her favourite word was "undulate"
1667 A sky ablaze, a wind on fire
1668 USK
1669 Have you seen this already?
1670 Big Jim Potato 

1671 In Praise of Pyjamas
1672 The Distance Between Friends
1673 The third and fourth child are sub-standard, the fifth defective
1674 Window Shopping, Babycham, back for 11.
1675 That'll Be the Day

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mayhem Prompts 002

Mayhem Prompts 002
26-Apr 23:13

1626 Bathsheba Evans and the boy Jenkins
1627 The C-Word
1628 I am feeling a little queer
1629 Green Glass
1630 Three years we waited, always on our guard

1631 It's because you live in a council-house and eat margarine
1632 Various wild creatures
1633 I didn't know they were my friends
1634 Any old iron?
1635 We grow old, we grow old

1636 In the spaces between seconds
1638 The fire-escape clangs with boot-falls
1639 The wives of Senghennydd
1640 HOVIS

1641 From the hill I saw a slated tenement
1642 They have come a long way to die
1643 Mountbatten's Boys
1644 Run it under a cold tap, love

1646 Folded flags and white gloves
1647 Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet & Watch
1648 Cheese and Conversation
1649 And for their sins, a fine, twenty-four pounds
1650 The echoes of old love

New Blast "MAYHEM"

Mayhem Prompts 001  

26-April, 08:38 Sunday 

1601 Muesli, with a sprinkle of gunpowder
1602 To stand alone, quiet, barefoot on grass, listening to a warm, fat night
1603 When the world was two-thirds red
1604 Treacle
1605 Deserts, mountains, bloated rivers

1606 The first time, blue snow
1607 If the sea was impossible, if daylight burned us
1608 China, Australia
1609 The sadness of discarded clothes
1610 Now, after a storm, while the world is fat and electric

1611 Jane Cliche and Alex Stock
1612 Basalt, Granite
1613 To be swept up into the magnificence
1614 Whatever is in wind, it isn't joy
1615 Tragedies become footnotes

1616 There is something about islands
1617 Colander
1618 No truth is hidden
1619 The happiness behind the painted smile
1620 Take advantage of our half-price offer

1621 You wore red, always red, and the world was monochrome
1622 There is tangential love or you can have sets
1623 Cauliflower
1624 The first time you fell down, you laughed
1625 Storms always subside

Sunday, March 15, 2015

More March Madness Prompts (Sex)

March Madness


 (Mar 15 2015) 

 07:50 Sunday

1576 Tin-Baths and Satellite Dishes
1577 God told me to kill the child.
1578 Greeks fighting Serbs fighting Croats, Bulgarians
1579 The homeless under sacks, the coughs in alleyways
1580 A woman in perfect beige on a horse shining black

1581 Apparently we have things called hormones
1582  New Year's Eve, 1913
1583 They are putting sawdust down, then mud, feathers
1584 Bulletinss from bigots
1585 The dirty smell of stale beer and men

1586 Well, officially it was a war, but only 10,000 dead
1587 It will be better with SKY and European Games
1588 Those conceived with neither love nor hate
1589 Beautiful women carry great sadness
1590 Whistler, Gaugin, Monet, Pissarro, 1903. Picasso

1591 A swell time, fat steaks, good beer, the lads
1592 Slate is never clean
1593 A page of news tumbling over in the wind
1594 Fucking in his Rediffusion Van
1595 McDonald's from two hundred yards away

1596 There's an Italian bloke down on Lavernock Point
1507 Renting furnished for quicker getaways
1598 All we have is rugby and fighting sergeants
1599 The fag-end of a Tuesday night
1600 Except, accidentally, about once in ten years, someone gets out

Thursday, March 12, 2015

63 and Counting


 (Mar 12 2015) 17:42 (Thursday)

1551 Everything that has been gathered will be ungathered
1552 Think of it like surfing on the biggest ever fucking wave
1553 Dec 26, National Suicide Day
1554 A box, they long, they wide, any old shit
1555 It is the smallest things we miss.

1556 Before something, nothing, then a growing something
1557 There's somewhere else to visit
1558 When the field is fallow it disgusts
1559 Do not stand at my grave and pee.
1560 Turn off the internet, pause. Make the television dark.

1561 Not weeping. Jump in and party!
1562 Cold gravy, a solid skim of fat
1563 I do not welcome sky, not welcome stars
1564 Spirit to substance to spirit with echo.
1565 I'll think about it, especially on cold, rainy nights

1566 Culmination, Celebration
1567 How can her absence swell in the room, how?
1568 This is a poor, dull thing, and we are less because of it.
1569 A little pain, OK, but just a little
1570 This diminishes us

1571 Denial, Anger, Blah-blah-blaah, Acceptance
1572 Six feet, no make it eight for safety
1573 Lovers, sail to us, from us, but love is the wind
1574 You'll remember me. I'll make sure of that,
1575 The dead depart, or is it us moving on?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Prompts 062

March Madness

2015-0062 (Mar 10 2015) 11:42 

(For Wednesday Morning) 

1526 My leg comes off on Monday
1527 I was older than this, a few years ago
1528 Father Maloney's Glass Eye
1530 She has a new zimmer frame

1531 My heart shall be replaced by granite
1532 I will be stuffed and behind glass
1533 His dick gunmetal, waiting to be polished
1534 This is the time of the wolf
1535 Jesus, Jesus, Mary and somebody else

1536 A Darkness of Sisters
1537 Morning light stretches, Evenlight swells
1539 I would like to be a Jones, with three initials
1540 I am wounding time

1541 It's not long until four; this is the time of the sad
1543 Yes, Geese, about two hundred, like bombers
1544 He woke in an Algiers brothel, his pockets empty
1545 Body Bags, but pretty colours

1546 Here they come, the exiled smokers, poets
1548 At the edge of my desk, a thousand-foot drop
1550 Play with honour, finish with pride