Tuesday, February 02, 2016

February Prompts 5776-5800 

2nd February 15:45

5776 A year of triumph or disaster
5777 Fat, really, but very, very clever, misses nothing
5778 Feather boas, veils and thirties wigs
5779 A collection of ladies’ hat-pins
5780 I was dreadfully upset

5781 There is something terribly institutional about government entertaining
5782 Caught the early train to Northampton
5783 Her husband ran off with the nanny
5784 Everything done with panache
5785 The profile (and the heart) of a vulture

5786 She made all the other women look plain
5787 A faded, rather shabby institution these days
5788 Atmosphere heavy with economic gloom
5789 Made to feel like servants
5790 I owe a great deal to The Spectator

5791 The Duchess looked pale and tired
5792 Terrific, glamorous, decadent. I loved every second
5793 Diana’s pale blue eyes rather terrified me
5794 Celebrity of the week on Women’s Hour
5795 A raving mob of demonstrators at the doors

5796 Ostracised by her set for turning socialist
5797 A mind filled by nothing and everything
5798 Seventy-eight, still in love with life
5799 All she ever wanted was one good portrait and books
5800 Life seems to have been one long party

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Prompts 5751-5775 

31st January 21:00

5751 The whole country is in deep shock (AC 573)
5752 I was sick later, in the bushes (AC 629)
5753 My private experiences reinvented (LTH 325)
5754 Cold mutton in our pockets (AC 635)
5755 A terrible tragedy, news just come (AC 573)

5756 Not fit: fearfully bad headaches (AC 617)
5767 Only temporary insanity can explain your remarks (LTH 325)
5758 Still able to walk, talk, eat, sleep. (AC 611)
5759 Home all evening watching TV (AC 615)
5760 I have turned down a handsome offer (AC 551)

5761 No money. I am greatly vexed (AC 621)
5762 The facts about our private life (LTH 325)
5763 Colossal buffet, unlimited booze. (AC 629)
5764 Two weeks here and still no “sport”. (AC 574)
5765 How different men and women are! (AC 627)

5766 You should consider alternative theories (LTH 325)
5767 He was drunk every night here was here. (AC 612)
5768 “Ash, ash, all is ash” (AC 627)
5769 Your audience of school-teachers (LTH 325)
5770 I thought I heard distant bells. (AC 628)

5771 How can I describe everything that has happened? (AC 610)
5772 Distorting every observation (LTH 325)
5773 The children depress me. (AC 625)
5774 He is a buccaneer and a crook (AC 610)
5775 I have decided to grow a moustache. (AC 629)
January Prompts 5726-5750 

31st January 07:45

5726 A foreigner, eager to see everything (347)
5727 I am awkward, untidy, uneducated (340)
5728 They have an outward display of ease which I do not believe (334)
5729 The most improbable individuals are popping up (346)
5730 A woman who will not flood me with love (335)

5731 The waving of passengers lost at sea (336)
5732 I need some sin  (346)
5733 We must prepare for a harder life (333)
5734 The morning mail, newspaper, crosswords, gin (346)
5735 The butcher has run out of sausages (3380

5736 all the claptrap about decency and fair play (330)
5737 The horses are not coming (341)
5738 A vertical sun killing every shadow (335)
5739 Huge, red-faced, sweaty men (347)
5740 I lack modesty (339)

5741 I had caused enough annoyance for one morning (331)
5742 Brought up by strangers and distant aunts (339)
5743 I will not publish me real autobiography (SP)
5744 Mowed a lot. Still sad. (331)
5745 They may now all see what sort of person I am  (339)

5746 Let us presume I have gone mad (346)
5747 The Board of Health reported twenty-four more cases yesterday (332)
5748 No one smoked, or spat or swore (347)
5749 It all weighs on the heart a little too much (336)
5750 The police, eventually, stepped in, but with reluctance (343)

Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Prompts 5701-5725 

30th January 08:45

5701 I fear there are bugs in this bed
5702 Flogging has been restricted to a maximum of fifty lashes
5703 Margaret has lost more than three stone
5704 I understand your difficulties
5705 He cursed and threatened violence on me

5706 We drink cheap wine and cheer every bomb
5707 Miss Piggy has been banned fro Iranian TV
5708 I despise people who are nobodies
5709 I’ve done very little for two years now
5710 Bathed before breakfast in the loch

5711 We are headed for dark time
5712 Factory whistles, hooters and church bells
5713 My wife is very ugly
5714 I sent a box of chocolates
5715 They cheer the bombs that kill them

5716 Carrying a horse-collar and a butter-tub
5717 Then with a bob-curtsey and a wave she was off
5718 Shallowness is the greatest of evils
5719 Dreamt I was an insect
5720 I am gossiping with myself

5721 Two snaps. I looked like an undertaker
5722 She now has doubts about the solitary life
5723 I painted his wound with iodine
5724 I have become hideous
5725 Go to bed. You have made enough mistakes today

Friday, January 29, 2016

January Prompts 5676-5700 

29 January 09:15

5676 History gets murky
5677 Fat laundresses with beaming smiles
5678 They eye in the candle, the tears in the smoke
5679 Breast of Lamb
5680 The wind can read a book in a second

5681 An old canoe, eaten by worms
5682 Waiting for the pause, the shared, profound cigarette
5683 We are a long way from Africa
5684 The sea is always sly. It is old and cantankerous
5685 The smell of an empty larder

5686 Somewhere in the bowels of night
5687 Quicksand, Quatermass
5688 The hiss of water through the rocks
5689 Waste Nothing
5690 Miles of white sand, dangerous water

5691 The brutal truths of necessity
5692 Straighten your tie, stand taller, and leave
5693 Tablecloth, napkin, cutlery,
5694 The dark smell of stopped rivers
5695 He may have been called John

5696 A love like cold concrete
5697 Soup in a silver tureen
5698 Disappointed fishermen turning for home
5699 Let’s build seventy-three hotels, three casinos
5700 We need something to fight for

January Prompts 5651-5675

28 January 11:45

5651 We ride the seconds in the minute, the hour
5652 Babies don’t make love stronger; they move its focus
5653 I am getting seriously pissed
5654 Man was born to wander
5655 Your parents are not your parents

5656 Opening my arms to the light
5657 It is six o’clock in the morning, weather grey
5658 This is your hand, these are your feet; your tongue
5659 My son’s failures are mine
5660 Fish, paper, evening

5661 Here is the real world, not as simple as a book
5662 I have a little sister, not too pretty
5663 Remember what I am saying, remember
5664 Nourish, care, be there, but never own the child
5665 I wish you joy; I wish you what I never had

5666 If you prosper, be generous to others
5667 I wished something nice for you, but I wasn’t specific
5668 My wife was in pain last night
5669 Here, my daughter, perfection
5670 Do not hate those who hate you

5671 Dear World, here is my son
5672 Did you really come from everywhere?
5673 A child, born, does not imagine time
5674 There will be no crying
5675 Life goes by, a blur, grey, a hum

Thursday, January 28, 2016

January Prompts 5626-5650 

28 January 07:30

5626 Watching them enter their date of birth
5627 The Daily Mail Crossword
5628 He was receiving unemployment support
5629 I jump in front of a Hornby Double-O
5630 Big Brother is asleep

5631 Sand like sugar
5632 I take a handful of M&Ms with a large whisky
5633 Last night I dreamt I was in Milton Keynes
5634 Climb into my stale bed
5635 I am worried that I have run out of things to do

5636 Goodbye Cruel World
5637 Chair scrape, someone laughs
5638 Last night, a moonbeam
5639 I was wrong once, February, 1980
5640 Mrs Fisher’s Nephew kills people

4641 I practice by jumping from ground-floor windows
5642 You have mail!
5643 The news is terrible; let’s go to bed
5644 Fifty quid’s worth of take-away from a shitty restaurant
5645 I would like to have a school mistress

5646 There is no part of me that does not ache
5647 Bad poetry in awful anthologies
5648 I am saving for an open blade
5649 The results delayed
5650 The people who came before us are the people who will be after us

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January Prompts 5601-5625

26 January 2016 11:30

5601 Recently life has been chocker
5602 They lack a certain redness of blood
5603 Exotic, restless, slightly obscure
5604 A box of expensive Turkish cigarettes
5605 The news is so incredibly bloody

5606 Peasants with a straightforward view of life
5607 I have little news of our friends
5608 That darling, dangerous woman
5609 Leftie poets are far to EARNEST
5610 is it betrayal to make new friends when old ones are abroad?

5611 I find it hard to muster much emotion about some distant islands
5612 A little Proust
5613 I am in a state of extremely nervous self-consciousness
5614 They do not understand or care about politics
5615 The primrose path may be same but it is Goddamn boring, too.

5616 I feel no inclination to settle down
5617 The Russians are winning, at last
5618 Tell me you’re not in the firing line!
5619 It’s frightful, all these killings
5620 I fill my post in a semi-skilled, try-hard sort of way

5621 It all affects me emotionally more than it did
5622 Some Ukrainian truck-driver
5623 The foundation is as sound as ever
5624 I have an odd passion for zebras

5625 This will come. that will come

Monday, January 25, 2016

January Prompts 5076-5600

25 January 2016 16:00

5076  Everyone here talks like Gracie Fields
5077 A German liner docked. So big!
5078 Have you ridden a camel yet?
5079 Hello! Grey, relentless sky
5080 Perfect inside and out

5081 She is so gloomy, always thinking the worst
5082 A high sea and mackintosh weather
5083 If I was seven times better, I’d scrub Oxford and paint instead
5084 Lust for Life
5085 The world will not end on Saturday

5086 Last Sunday week, a most terrible storm!
5087 I don’t want to leave London, whatever happens
5088 Lawns like velvet, lily ponds, weeping trees
5089 The lifeboat had an awful job
5090 I have just returned from a rather embarrassing tea

5091 Every intelligent person should study politics
5092 A maroon went up for the lifeboat
5093 My natural habitat is in a museum
5094 An art-dealer’s clerk, imagine!
5095 Finished my first painting. No words can describe how awful it is.

5096 “I’m on a diet of love”
5097 Random bomb-throwing
5098 He sat down one day and started sketching the miners
5099 The entire population seemed to be running towards the harbour

5600 A war against fascism can’t be a bad thing, can it?