Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 30 (15-10) 07:15

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 30 (15-10) 07:15

700 Gateway
701 Father says we should not speak
702 Without a friend until we meet
703 Nothing there but an eyeless lamb
704 Fine white palaces
705 A Sunday when we gave each other love

706 Only a portion of the items were removed
707 The East is Gone, the West is Gone
708 When there is no prompt
709 I was at no time given a written quotation
710 And I am at the centre, empty
711 I take the mornings easy

712 Nothing before me, nothing after this
714 A few larger, separate items
715 About railways, tunnels, journeys
716 Standard Procedure
717 Rivers jumping over mountains

718 When Africa and China met
719 I was visited by the husband of the now departed wife
720 The Sun at night
721 I was specifically told not to return
722 Spots
723 And like a tired traveler seeing home

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 29 (14-10) 07:28

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 29 (14-10) 07:28

676 Figs, Walnuts, Dates
677 It is time to rise, to dress
678 Addicted to Friends
679 Some has stolen my porridge 
680 Do not go gentle
681 Her VW Camper Van

682 Hamlet squeezed, then squeezed again
683 By the kitchen light leaked through
684 Sleeping in a chair
685 The dogs snuffling on the landing
686 Her alarm, Adagio With Strings
687 The One With All Ten Seasons!

688 Dropping Sizes
689 Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory!
690 Ebeneezer's Secret
691 I will just keep walking
692 Turn off the television
693 More books, more books, more books

694 Today I ache
695 Joey, Rachel, Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe
696 Forty NINE!
697 I have been removed from your society
698 How heavy is the rain, how sharp the wind
699 An island somewhere

Monday, October 13, 2014

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 28 (13-10) 12:10

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 28 (13-10) 12:10

652 The men sleep in the snow
653 I am a soldier on the wall
654 Undergrowth
655 Write an ode or something
656 High drama on British Rail 
657 The slow lazy town

658 Leaves long since burned
659 Stalybridge Junction
660 Falling gently but still deadly
661 The sentence he should receive
662 I stuff animals. Sometimes they are dead
663 Tea at five in the morning

664 Where the Hell is Jenkins?
665 The sun between the trees
666 Tired.
667 His mouth was a slit, purple
668 A cup of kindness
669 No-Go

670 We kill the things we love
671 Baking bread
672 Burglar  
673 You were five and I was seven
674 Maybe a wee holiday
675 Gargantuan

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 27 (13-10) 08:00

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 27 (13-10) 08:00

628  And Generals selling poppies
629 Brownlee has fucked off.
630 Badgers
631 One day I will have asbestos huts named after me
632 Big horses, confused, shifting from foot to foot
633 They are at the gate

634 Five years have gone already, all those Junes, Julys
635 Beneath this bracken, weeds, there is an old path
636 Love does not run. It hides and mutates
637 The quiet glory of the largest sky
638 Let us commit treason, then
639 To stop by a brook and wait

640 Allegedly, this ugly pair, my ancestors
641 Write me an epitaph in Latin, pretend I was liked
642 "Fucked we had, and Pissed-Happy-Glad" (Direct quote)
643 Mirror, Mirror, on the Floor
644 The Dad's Dance of Love
645 Good to be walking with nowhere in particular to go

646 Fucking Hell! Maud, come out here for a minute!
647 You have the right kind of face
648 I talked last night to the dog
649 The keen lift of morning air
650 Black as a Banshee Bat
651 I can take our love so easy

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 25 (11-10) 07:38

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 25 (11-10) 07:38

575 Nobody had noticed the girl
576 I am from Aberystwyth, she is from Aberdare
577 The last get upon the sawdust
578 The fattest man she had ever seen
579 On the straw behind the astrologer's tent
580 I only heard this morning

581 The fair is finished
582 Toast
583 The sky will stand still, the sun turn black
584 How summer must have looked in Ireland
585 Found by the men from the caravans
586 I feel very frightened

587 I know he is murdered but I cannot believe it
588 We are all poorer now
589 The brave are better at happiness
590 Something so wicked, so vile, so dangerous
591 A place miraculously pretty
592  there are more frightened people than brave

593 Dead as white bones, quiet
594 The gardener sees the land the tree usurps
595 The sound of spit buglers
596 I wash in cold water
597 She does nothing now but knit
598 The nature of happiness

599 In a mud hut on a canvass cot
600 He dressed, left, and died
601 Lie still, be calm, suffer quietly
602 The uncertain corners of prayers
603 The town speaks
604 Tell her I feel abused

Friday, October 10, 2014

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 24 (10-10) 08:00

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 24 (10-10) 08:00

570 The need that pulls the flower from the earth
571 Waters
572 The deep sex in a ream of paper
573 How a screw turns, pulls
574 Tickled by it, trying to make love catch
575 I do not apologise: my father was my hero

576 It is just too wonderful.
577 A huge lunch then thirty minutes later, tea
578 I love being in the middle
569 Mad as a watch-washer
580 I count on you so automatically
581 Dear Stooge
582 We will call it Catscradle

583 My astrologer says you are not good for me
584 The prick of an unwanted kiss
585 Especially in October
586 Boughs
587 When you do not want your birthday
588 It was Saturn all the time, not me

589 Footsie
590 The occasional success bucks him up
591 The sun bright red across the nose
592 He has moments of great sweetness
593 Dusty Answers
594 How quickly this is becoming dislike

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 23 (09-10) 08:00

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 23 (09-10) 08:00

 525 The day winds down
526 I think of summer girls, most ruined
527 Toffee Apple
528 The scab-kneed children with the mothers
529 And tea in bottles, the men already gone
530 On promenades expecting, expecting

531 To betting shops and dirty bars
532 It is so short a season, a short, uncertain life
533 Porthcawl, Tenby, Barry
534 The pulse of it, the pointlessness
535 No on considers dying when they are saying out
536 How the sand gets into everything, the hats

537 Printers' Apprentices, Girls in Accounts
538 Gulls crashing, dresses thighed
539 Vinegar on the fingers, petticoats
560 Sons of steel-workers, a rag and bone boy
561 The sea dubious at the best of times
562 Roar!
563 Dodgems, Haunted Houses, The Caterpillar

564 Walking as far as the cliffs
565 Watching clocks, calling to a friend
566 Time sucked from me, snippets, air
567 The weight and pull of sand, deckchairs, ankles
568 How the gap was so small, between child and man
569 And the girls, the girls, the girls!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 22 (08-10) 15:00

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 22 (08-10) 15:00

501 I thought the President looked sad tonight
502 I am wearing my philosopher's hat
503 Acting in a cheap and repugnant way
504 Drunk as a goat
505 Cholly Knickerbocker
506 Parties are the refuge of the small-minded

507 The British Empire seems foolish to me
508 One way is to peddle poison
509 I am less than well these days
510 A short, doughy body
511 We went from one dive to another all night
512 Hungover and sick in the soul

513 This is going to be a nice long war
514 Possessions are my undoing
515 Things are about the same here
516 Meanwhile I will do my homework
517 Falling Through Space
518 I have given up any idea of sailing

519 We were born into the wrong age
520 How Spain suffered
521 I feel bitter at how the world is run
522 Rat-eyed and glum
523 I am hoping to go to Jamaica
524 But without some part in it, we might as well be dead

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Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 21 (08-10) 07:15

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 21 (08-10) 07:15

487 I need to write something funny
488 Blancmange
489 Write a serious, tragic, literary story that rewrites "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"
490 I have thrown away about a hundred thousand
491 Tonight, dins at the US Embassy
492 Psychopaths of a very dark kind

493 I am installed in a ripe bed-sit off The Strand
494 Too many languages, too many who are not us
495 Daffodils, as far as I could see
496 Taken to being shocking for its own sake
497 You would think sex was a disease
498 But to let a child go?

499 My horizon is as wide as a dollar bill
490 Whatever
491 I am furiously angry about so many things
492 The refugee camps
493 This dark November night of the soul
494 Something leather, delicate, can make me cry

495 The self-indulgent whining of the privileged 
496 I must be a part of it there, so i can tell others
497 The worst is casual cruelty, and to the innocent, an abomination
498 I am a voyeur
499 My diamond-studded destiny, sitting on my ass
500 I merely need to fuck a husband now and again