Wednesday, March 04, 2015

March Madness

Prompt Set

2015-0056 (Mar 04 2015) 12:01 

(Wednesday 1376-1400) 

1376 I have often wondered, then forgotten
1378 Sinew, Spleen
1379 What drips, what floats, what stutters and coagulates?
1380 Yes, Mrs Blenkinsop.

1381 Ice-Sugar mountains, dark green below
1382 The Distillery
1383 Mature manure.
1384 Eating like Romans
1385 Slow things ache, and will crumble. Just wait.

1386 My bed had a blue headboard, a transferred galleon
1387 Red Kites, Magpies
1388 Leaves, the randomness of gold light
1389 Write from the side of your mouth, use the corner of the eye
1390 Moth, butterfly

1391 Recalled in a dream
1392 A shit I will not give.
1393 The child falls
1394 Demotic, Idetic, totemic etcetera
1395 Put an LP on the turntable, pour the wine

1396 Just say whatever doesn't pop into your head
1397 Ice-Cream, Blood
1398 Consider this an anchor
1399 Write, or preferably, bleed
1400 How can day be darker than the night?

More Jan-Blast Success

A flash shortlisting takes BC to three hits pieces written in the January Blast (with more to come!)

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

And we have a winner!!

You may recall the Boot Camp January Blast

Well, we have already had a £75 Third Place for a poem
and today we announce we have the winner of £700

First Place in the Sentinel Annual Poetry Prize.

Well, that is us ahead for the year and everything to come will be a bonus.

Folk, it works.

March prompts 4

Boot Camp Keegan March Do



 (Mar 03 2015) 10:07

1351 They say depression is a physical thing
1352 What if weather is the world talking?
1353 The wonderful dust
1354 Coming down the middle of the street, brazen
1355 Howitzer

1356 Make me some mash and mint-gravy. Fuck the rest
1357 Let me be blunt, being old is shit.
1358 When night spins and cries
1359 I feel a poem not coming on
1360 We expected her on the hour or shortly thereafter

1361 Eany-Meany-Miney-Mo
1362 There is a certain grammar to our mutual hatred
1363 Wall Street burns
1364 Counting dead stars
1365 Jim Bowie, and the man with the racoon-tailed hat

1366 I will marry late, or perhaps be a monk
1367 He may have been called Franscois
1368 Let us call this an exercise in revenge
1369 A White Rolls-Royce
1370 Peter Piper Picked a Fucking Pepper

1371 When Colin Hicks lost an eye
1372 Fold the flag slowly
1373 I may learn to like The Independent
1374 Scrumping on The Thousand Acres
1375 Sudoku in the centre-spread, bile everywhere else

Monday, March 02, 2015

March Prompts 3

Boot Camp Keegan's March Thing
(Mar 02 2015) 08:07 

1326 Morning cinders, the small rituals
1327 TIN
1328 The clock in great granddad's house
1329 Coal-house, out-house, alleys
1330 Please don't turn around
1331 Brass tools, scuttles, gas-pokers, chilblains
1332 You are both eight, swimming together
1333 Love can choke too
1334 Chestnuts, crumpets, ash, a focus
1335 The terrible memory of older pains
1336 Rolling beneath dispassionate light
1338 There was something about coal
1339 Pantry, sink, milk on the doorstep
1340 When your mother was a virgin
1341 God is a little unwell
1342 Your closed frontiers
1343 The debris under cliffs
1344 Smaller, quicker than a ferret's dick
1345 Twigging
1346 Behind us, waiting, was a small TV
1347 The day geometry failed
1348 Coke Joke
1349 For no particular reason, I think you should suffer
1350 When telephones were black and waited for news

Sunday, March 01, 2015

March prompts 2

Boot Camp Keegan
March "Do"
Prompt Set 2
015-0053 (Mar 01 2015) 
1301 Beech, Birch, Spruce
1302 Hey, Mum, guess what I named after you!
1303 Flashbulbs, Hyenas, waiting sheep.
1304 A few small steps
1305 Pearl Harbour, Iwo Jima,
1306 Blood flows in us as we sleep
1307 How promises should be broken
1308 The check-list for Enola Gay
1309 The doctor is ready for you now
1310 We are made by spirits. In some the spirit stays
1311 We sit at a midnight table, cold
1312 There is some logic in that. Not a lot, but some
1313 What is left to say when love is murdered?
1314 Coiled like a cobra
1315 We are going to the zoo. They have Popes and Bankers there
1316 You can read about it in books
1317 The way darkness swells and slowly shifts
1318 VOMIT
1319 A clean nurse in a starched dress
1320 Grey shorts, pullover, grey socks, blue tie
1321 Then we heard the call again
1322 A sheepskin coat looks best on a sheep
1323 The aeroplane shines until it hits the sea
1324 How to pick a scab
1325 Your mother is waiting on the verandah

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Join Boot Camp for a hard-working March?

Why not Join Boot Camp for a hard-working March?

Boot Camp Keegan March Thingee

PROMPTS 2015-052

March Shin-Dig 001

Feb 28 2015 11:15 (Saturday)

1276 It was Saturday night, Sunday, about two a.m.
1277 Write a story "driven by" a specific poem of your choice
1278 This is as good a reason as any to look up
1279 She moves towards me, cheekbones, legs
1280 A story ending: "He walks away, becoming smaller."

1281 Fish, baskets, bones
1282 We die, or we become invisible
1283 Do not trust happiness
1284 Twenty-four days behind a locked steel door
1285 The real pain in a phantom limb

1286 The case of metal in your mouth, the thoughts
1287 I just want to speak to my mother again.
1288 The widow has left us too
1289 A story beginning: "There is no need for you to stop and listen."
1290 In an old woman's dead house, webs are ugly. In morning frost, God.

1291 On the mountain, a screaming
1292 Snowdrops, Crocuses from far away
1293 Dresden
1294 Past old, past faded, somehow still not dead
1295 Pale cost-clerks with very small dreams

1296 Walking round town with "For Sale" written on my head
1297 I dream I climb trees, then leap at clouds
1298 What is left in the boot of my car
1299 How a body strikes the ground after falling
1300 Something will happen soon. It's bound to. Someone will come.


Sunday, February 01, 2015

Prompts: Feb 1st

Boot Camp

January Flash Blast

2015-0049 (Feb 1 2015) 07:43 (Sunday)

1201 Who will identify you?
1202 Put a record on the juke box, my Marlene
1203 Sand pouring through the gap
1204 The smell of late night buses
1205 I would rather be scared with friends than brave alone

1206 Mine will be a small death, hardly noticed
1207 The footprints left in ash
1208 Roll up your sleeves, pull the child free
1209 I leave one arm to feed the insects
1210 I am forty-seven and forty-eight

1211 Is it my body that you want, or me?
1212 Something about ice-cream and how they make the flavours
1213 We need more cliche
1214 Let us invite seven spinsters up for tea
1215 What is not

1216 I've started, so I'll do my best to finish
1217 I would be a U-Boat Captain, with five days of beard
1218 Summer, but ticks in the grass
1219 I could have been a private dick, a shamus with a dirty hat
1220 Musician, torturer; musician, murderer; musician, you.

1221 The concussion of the unexpected blast
1222 Adrenaline
1223 Keep saying we were right: as the tanks roll over us
1224 When we fucked in my Cortina
1225 I almost rang your bell

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Jan 31st

Boot Camp

January Flash Blast

2015-0048 (Jan 31 2015) 07:25 (Saturday)

1176 BPPV
1177 The children are gone, the drawers are full of pencils
1178 Going to See Wednesday
1179 McLintock said the world would end yesterday, and he was never wrong
1180 They're discounting shit this weekend

1181 An afternoon of ghosts, rain on the tin-roof
1182 You can't know the world continues, only you think it does
1183 She said I had nice handwriting
1184 Rarely, a woman takes your breath away and you feel smaller
1185 I was left behind a curtain, hearing violins

1186 How it must have been, the terror
1187 Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 
1188 the gleaming brown of a perfect conker
1189 I like the one about the coaster, not sure about Quinquereme
1190 Something about a man painting a wall

1191 I selected marble. It turned out to be flames
1192 We are distracted by your silences, speak!
1193 My other had an old bag, turned out to be her sister
1194 Everyone should experience dying
1195 How nice it would be if before, we met the men we'd kill

1196 What I miss the most is you, Good Morning Daddy!
1197 Four ways to go and a million ways between
1198 A man in his garden, potatoes in the ground
1199 The wind against the prison walls
1200 Oh my love is like a clump of weeds