Monday, November 09, 2015

Daily Prompts 2776-2800 -
09 November 2015 - 17:55

2776 We are nearly done, let us pause 
2777 The far faint sounds of a winter drum
2778 Paper cuts,sawdust, glue, string
2779 My blood undoes itself, my heart fills with air
2780 A juggler, playing with his balls

2781 You were born here, in an ordinary way
2782 It is time for one of us to go, or both to die
2783 You play me like a straining string
2784 I would like to talk with dolphins and learn to hold my breath
2785 Treading softly on the things I said

2786 I could become this picture, but I pause at the edge
2787 Ships, ships, ships, white, pregnantly heaving
2788 As if the heavens strained and suddenly broke
2789 I am almost innocent
2790 A big fat, yellow moon

2791 I once loved a Polish girl, on a ferry to Ostend
2792 Her hair bloody, matted with snow
2793 The hardest thing is to be loveless
2794 This the way the mourners walked, black, and damp with drizzle
2795 The rough moonlit hedges, the deaths of small creatures

2796 Two riders came, both dark, the larger with a dirty scar
2797 I am anchor-less, a victim of the tides
2798 You could admit it and then move on
2799 After deaths there comes a silence
2800 By the bottle, by the pint and by the jug

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Daily Prompts 2751-2775 -

07 November 2015 - 07:25

2751 The dead sleep in the dark, barely hoping
2752 I have never forgotten.
2753 He owned fifteen acres, an ox, two good horses
2754 It is always too late here, and always the wrong time
2755 God is smaller in the mall

2756 They have circled the wagons
2757 My bowels water
2758 In my dreams I have legs, a stout heart, the love of a good woman
2759 The Jewish Kamikaze: Torah! Torah! Torah!
2760 The shock of the volley

2761 Do they really think nothing has changed?
2762 She says the reception was somewhere else
2763 What we think when we are falling
2764 A sergeant I had never me and didn't know
2765 The point of pointlessness is that pointlessness has a point

2766 The weight of my rifle
2767 Do philosophers just fuck, or do they talk themselves out of it?
2768 How the memory strikes us, the details that emerge
2769 I'm the salmon that prefers downstream
2770 I should have died then, could have, wanted to

2771 The theoretical physics of the crisp packet
2772 The words we use to see things again
2773 Magnolia 
2774 The pit-bull respected, the Labrador loved
2775 The small repeated blows that make the heart

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Daily Prompts 2726-2750 - 

03 November 2015 - 08:20

2726 "Lord, Lord, Lord, it was worth a try." (Harry Chapin)
2727 I hear the gentle click and clack of Mary's ghost making tea
2729 It was a night for old ideas, smoke, murder
2730 A quart of milk, four ounces of tea, and a pound of arsenic (for the rats)
2731 When girls wore petticoats and smelt of Tweed
2732 I am thinking of writing a bible
2733 We listened while those who knew the secrets talked
2734 A joyous fucking YES? Really?
2735 You will not convince me this is better. I say bitter
2736 By the bowels of your mother!
2737 Come here, let me mop your brow and sing
2738 A bright bird on a dark sky
2739 And then again, and again, and again
2740 There was something here when I looked before
2741 What matters, nothing else, is whether the line is straight
2742 I have a degree in self-pity, a PhD in misery
2743 Ants, Yummy!
2744 Reading older poetry, flicking through today's
2745 Admit it, there can be too much singing
2746 The Last Bus Home, Old girls in leather skirts and top-deck Karaoke
2747 Woman, red jacket, dog, a silver greyhound
2748 I suppose you can fuck me. This is as joyous as it gets.
2749 Die o'clock, getting on for late
2750 My flame has died. Occasionally I poot dull smoke

Monday, November 02, 2015

Daily Prompts 2701-2725 - 02 November 2015 - 06:10

2701 The smell of the fairground, electric
2702 I am the bastard John Thomas Smith
2703 The 04:50 stopping train to Crewe
2704 The smell of too much time, trains, loneliness
2705 Like a patient under the knife

2706 The Time Caller
2707 I need to hear melody, euphony, a whiff of poetry
2708 Staybridge Station, 2 AM
2709 I have found the hole in time, that isn't there and can't be found
2710 At the centre of your earth

2711 Milk Wood Estate, Llareggub, Highly Desirable 3/4 Beds from £399,500
2712 The Poetry of Death
2713 Cider With Susan Gibbons
2714 OK OK OK, I'll turn it down
2715 I will do it again. Nothing is impossible

2716 One Republican, Two Republicans, Many.
2717 Jennifer Blossom SRN
2718 Watching monkeys fuck in the zoo
2719 Don't be a baby. It's just a tiny prick
2720 The Soft Meadows of Our Memory

2721 Someone I don't know is having a birthday
2722 The Origin of My Morality
2723 Capsized
2724 The Ladybird Introduction to Immigration Policy
2725 Be quiet now: it is time for you to leave

Friday, October 30, 2015

October Blast 24 2651-2675 

30-Oct 08:12 Friday

2651 The virgins are arriving, led by a brass band
2652 My Last Will and Excrement
2653 The tinkle of abandoned wind-chimes
2654 An ache rising from the bowels
2655 They are captured on dark streets, shaved, bathed, anointed 
2656 This is a summer for Disco Tents
2657 They live a quieter life, apart from the sacrifices
2658 You cannot comprehend the measure of my disgust
2659 Hair slicked with Brylcreem, perfectly parted
2660 The Joy of Tax
2661 Lately, I have been working on a Time Machine
2662 Hoe pressure rises
2663 The dark prehistoric smell of wolf
2664 This is the contract we make
2665 I could fuck a kitchen girl, go riding
2666 When there is just one pit left, will it be a church?
2667 You forget, thinking it could never have been that bad
2668 Polishing Brass
2669 The men are lined up in the rain, each wondering how he came to be there
2670 I sleep with the horses: it is more pleasant there
2671 In the day we light candles and pray. At night we slit throats
2673 When you are old and high on drugs
2674 I was born with the soul of a slave, you an emperor
2675 It is the lightness of you an air of forest morning 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

October Blast 23 2626-2650
29-Oct 00:33 Thursday

2626 There are places nobody goes, villages beneath water
2628 I am folding the table-cloth, barely marked
2629 There is always someone stupid enough to start a song
2630 Mist smelling of cordite, blood

2631 Synopsis of the Great English Novel
2633 We stopped at a fucking dump called Addlesstrop
2634 Arrive Feb, die March
2635 I am lining up my medals, folding my beret

2636 'Tis the light yonder, Sire!
2637 That's the thing about Bournemouth
2638 BLUE
2639 Carcinogens and Chips
2640 A dull, old train, stinking of dust and failed promises

2641 Eeenie-meanie miney fucking mo
2642 I am walking dishonestly and down a crooked path
2643 British, Huh? Have you met The Queen?
2644 Always remember, this might be the last time you ever make love
2645 Fairy Nuff

2646 We are thinking of bombing Hamburg, or Milton Keynes
2647 Absence makes the heart relax
2648 Turning off the torches lest the needy find us
2649 National Kill Your Best Friend Day
2650 Stone, Sand, Water, Sky

Monday, October 26, 2015

October Blast 20 2551-2575 
26-Oct 08:05 Monday

2551 Our bodies pressed together by darkness, heavier and heavier
2552 They are singing hymns outside the banks, managers cowering inside
2553 Lampposts, one of those words that never looks right
2554 We live on all the other days
2555 The Man From Laramie

2556 It was your quarter-birthday so we shared a tiny cake
2557 I woke on a rug
2558 The sea around me, the sky above me, and you
2559 It was not sex, but they would call it sex
2560 St David's. the old tin church, the smell of incense 

2561 There are times when I am sickened by us
2562 The various colours and textures of our faeces
2563 The country of the middle ear.
2564 She followed the track and hoped she would not be met
2565 I have a fear of being re-incarnated as a Republican

2566 In the various parts of life
2567 St Ives
2568 It's early in the morning, but still too late
2569 I would kill myself with a shot-gun, but I don't like loud noises
2570 He hid his books beneath his kilt

2571 I am in love with a goldfish
2572 Marbles, Arlies, Small muddy goals, the world
2573 Colander
2574 I would like to come home unexpectedly and surprise myself at the door
2575 What if there were rainbows every day, then one day not?