Thursday, January 13, 2022


15:00 Thursday 13th

376 A Story beginning "It is true I could have gone in a different direction"

377 The echo of somone's else pain, down a long corridor
378 The wilful diminution of obvious truths
379 The Creative Fiction known as a resumé
380 We will wait at the crossroads

381 Napoleon Burst Apart
382 If we were feathers
383 If the party finishes, I'm going home
384 I am at peace. This means I don't care
385 It's probably esier if we just die

386 You were on my TO-DO LIst
387 What to Sloths aspire to?
388 How music knits us together
389 I imagined ten hours sleep
390 A weasel's happy day

391 To see yourself sideways as you pass a dirty mirror
392 Two crows, a squirrel, something undefined
393 How to the play the flute
394 Choose your lie carefully
395 Monkeys think of sonnets but don't type

396 Moon. Owl on a Gate
397 My son understands; your daughter is biased
398 The light really is silver
399 This is the dream. The reality is dead people

400 Play "Who Wants to Live Forever on Repeat" 5 times then write with it repeating

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