Wednesday, January 19, 2022

 Early Prompts

576 A man called Bleaney lived here a while
577 Ingrowing toenails, corns
578 When there were such things as The Night Mail
579 The colour of moonfall
580 Walking a musky street, red-lit windows either side

581 Introduction to Pottery
582 Not quite the morning after, more like the mid-day
584 It's not that often I hit a perfect ball
585 Shit, even under floodlights

586 This is a simple place: people die here
587 Time to call time on time
588 Don't draw the curtain, not an inch
589 It has rained now, non-stop for a week
590 Eyes like Halogen Headlights

591 She is beautiful but her house smells of wet dogs
592 I have been dead one thousand days
593 Living over a Chip Shop, alone again.
594 Drowning off Lampedusa
595 A man with a rubber trumpet

596 That Easter I arrived a bit later than expected
597 I have met many late in their lives
598 To the left, girls, boys to the right. Orange Squash
599 It is time for a rebirth
600 When the blinds slap open on a dirty old train

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