Tuesday, January 04, 2022

 Wednesday, January 5th, 2022, 00:01 AM

0101 I hid a snowman under my bed.

0102 Very hot, everything depressing


0104 There is intrigue in every corner

0105 All his cans in alphabetical order

0106 If all the birds in all the trees flew at once

0107 Long gossip with Lady Thelma…

0108 May. Pink Blossom

0109 The corridors ring with clipped feet

0110 He had a fear of flame-throwers. I told him so did I.

0111 The ruse pleased many but fooled nobody

0112 Your lover just called. I told him you were dead.

0113 Patsy is living in a run-down mews with a Maltese

0114 We are all beginners here, darling.

0115 I am building a laughter-machine!

0116 Toyed with the idea of a weekend at Cliveden

0117 Thank God I am free of her

0118 I realised at once that we had become allies

0119 There have been too many changes

0120 Winston will lose us this war, for sure.

1021 I was amazed by his feebleness, nay cowardice.

0122 The land beyond impossible

0123 The cemeteries have starting recycling holes

0124 Crisp, fresh sheets

0125 I am blessed by friendlessness

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