Wednesday, January 19, 2022

 Prompts for Wednesday, Late

601 My daughter on a WaveRunner screaming MORE! MORE! MORE!
602 As we slept the snow rolled in
603 Was there ever an "Ode to a Chicken"?
604 Gravy works.
605 Leaf-Blowers, What the actual fuck?

606 Two Irishmen stole a calendar. They got six months each
607 The quiet thrum of a half-asleep town
609 On reflection, I should not have looked in that mirror
610 Her scent, her invisible footfall

611 The way a fence-post wears a jaunty cap
612 I ate too much liver. Now I feel offal.
613 Bleaney again. He keeps coming up.
614 One day, what if all the news was true?
615 Bring me tea and biscuits at 4:45

616 I watched a ploughman, willing him off his perfect lines
617 PING!
618 While he is present , he is also absent
619 Don't sit there! The paint is dry!
620 It was eleven in the morning and I was hammered

621 She gives me a daffodil, three weeks old
622 Clean, in between, tucked tightly een
623 Her we go. The last one we had left!
624 Does the grass fear the mower?
625 I was stealing from Pirelli. I took a brake.

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