Tuesday, January 18, 2022

 Tuesday, 18 January

More? Prompts?

526 I doubt any of us will dress for the ball, unless as footmen
527 I will write my history, the main a little better
528 It's too-darn-hot
529 The pen as potato, the computer as?
530 I keep your heart in a draw, in perfumed tissue paper

531 But I was young and easy then
532 Please my little thing, don't grow up
533 Frost and Snow have work to do
534 That's not wind; he's rotting away
535 A clinking bottle rolling on the edge of breaking

536 After Dick whittington, after Cinderella
537 I have hidden an oak tree in my office
538 All I remember now is her ringlets, the cry of "Mammy"
539 Birch trees to every side
540 The too-black pool, some kind of fish in there

541 A woman singing, so lonely, so dark, but still hope
542 A queue of boys with chamber-pots and night-caps
543 Once Upon a Time in Japan
544 I sleep by the numbers
545 When ice lies heavy on weighted trees

546 I would have been a lamplighter, or a wman with a pea-shooter
547 Two girls, dancing barefoot at night on a warm lawn
548 The pain comes as the thaw comes
549 For a second you were a pink lizard then you claimed the earth
550 A Fat Silver Watch

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