Sunday, January 02, 2022


Sunday, January 2nd, 2022, 8:15 PM

0051 It’ll be ready a week Tuesday
0052 Tomorrow will be complicated
0053 Reading Stalin’s book on Lenin
0054 Princess Olga absolutely hates tiaras
0055 Frank phoned. Ellen has killed herself.

0056 I am back at last, after a two week absence
0057 Candlelight flickering on the Dresden
0058 A liveliness of mind and body
0059 The Colonel views me with a cool detachment
0060 Axe murderers have rights

0061 A porter with a sad story about his girl
0062 I have a small room on the fourth floor
0063 A bittersweet day!
0064 Laura is here. No doubt intent on causing a row
0065 A man can have sex with sheep or camels

0066 I fear I am losing my roots
0067 Pompous dinner-dance at Queen’s
0068 Mother bought me a triangular cushion
0069 I pity all believers
0070 At eighteen he was already an accomplished pimp

0071 Half the men think she’s a bitch. The rest want to fuck her.
0072 It is all gossip and confusion
0073 Woke sick, ravenously hungry
0074 I am reading lots of Russian authors
0075 Off home in my new Rolls Royce

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