Monday, January 10, 2022

 More Prompts

Mon 10 Jan, 10 AM

276 Today has been a little less insane
277 Let us all embarrass ourselves and the school
278 Drinking Cocoa with the Minister
279 The joy of one's head hitting one's pillow
280 I drank a fair bit, parlayed with the locals

281 Nevertheless, I wil still decline
282 The amber glow, a window in the fog
283 Everyone deplores the incident
284 The privy at the bottom of the garden
285 High on a hill stood a lonely boatherd

286 The gazunder under the bed
287 Thoroughly third-rate
288 Sometimes, let's be honest, it's just lust
289 They will ship me home in a crate
290 The Lesser-Spotted Filofax

291 Not in my case, of course
292 Maybe I will be a butterfly one day
293 I get bored with people after a few years
294 We are closing in on the beginning of the end
295 Think red, like a flaming drenched in blood

296 Got badly sloshed at Mary's
297 Not merely unnattractive, but a shit as well
298 Shit-filled black mini-bags, hanging from trees
299 Six hours lost in fog
300 So this is how it goes, a quiet knife, a pillow

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