Saturday, January 09, 2016

 January Prompts 5026-5050 

 09 January 2016 - 19:20

5026 Children, pay attention. This is a poet. PO-ET
5027 A homeless man in A&E
5028 No houses, but we have 3G
5029 There are many wives and children down the well
5030 When was it exactly, when you did not love me?

5031 Jones, you guard the moon
5032 I am the heir to no fortune, accumulating debt
5033 I have had a certain interest in soldiers
5034 I would like to kill some birds and then a sheep
5035 No SKY reception, Oh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

5036 At least I have a knife
5037 Best we don't sit next to each other...
5038 I have a box of old dusty things
5039 The train is late
5040 I kissed a girl called Gibbons once, in our alley

5041 Women in red windows
5042 Sometimes nothing connects
5043 Between my willie and my bum
5044 The first thing I remember was fire, then wanting to fall
5045 My grandmother hacked flax

5046 In the glass of Paddington, ten million lonely breaths
5047 Reading Biggles
5048 My father was special at blackberries. I cannot write his poem
5049 That thing about men and bloody buses
5050 Half Cornish, half Estonian

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