Monday, January 04, 2016

January Prompts 4701-4725

04 January 2016 - 16:20

4701 We are serene, floating towards the falls, admiring the scenery
4702 It isn't hell, but he has fallen into fire
4703 I had forgotten how dark this place could be
4704 "Deep in thy wounds, Lord, Hide and Shelter Me"
4705 You have waited too long. It is time

4706 Why would someone invent unicorns?
4707 Someone has stolen my knives
4708 There is a man offering help but mama says no
4709 The way darkness rises from the valley to the hills
4710 I am running out of ink. I am running out of paper

4711 Let us fill the churches with juggling bishops and fornicating priests
4712 The colour of our hatred, the smell of our love
4713 God has revealed that he does not exist.
4714 I love you like once I loved my red mittens
4715 We can live in caves for a while, they are OK

4716 Let's travel on the circle line, hoping to meet somewhere
4717 I will get a small apartment and learn trombone
4718 I will betray you. I am made that way
4719  Is there an oversexed woman out there who is rich and loves short-stories?
4720 The children have us surrounded. They look hungry

4721 Let us try falling, but remember to never land
4722 What happened in '74?
4723 Just hold a potato, grown in your own soil. Feel that and be amazed
4724 As the bread rises to meet the oven
4725 I am a song, sung tuneless and flat by an old man with no teeth

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