Sunday, January 03, 2016

 January Prompts 4601-4625

 03 January 2016 - 07:30

4601  Tell me then, how being a poet is sexy
4602  Then, for sadness I mentioned the dead child
4603  I am trying to sew Gloria back together
4604  I woke up by accident
4605 What wizards REALLY do.

4606  My aching fucking back
4607  I am not convinced, madam, that you have a case
4608  Sin has to be taught
4609  1-0. It's enough
4610  An analysis of pressures applied in foreplay

4611  We meet at County Court, saves time
4612  He spoke like a kind weather-forecaster
4613  PC Policeman, Peter Plod
4614  She will not be denied the pleasures of sex
4615  I expect to sell maybe as many as a dozen copies

4616  A book where everyone goes on long walks and talks a lot
4617  Perhaps I am over-sensitive
4618 Superintendent Jones and two dowagers, a cottage, missing pearls
4619 Years ago, when I still had sex, I met a mermaid
4620 Road-sweeper, deliveries, fat buses in the rain

4621 Something with Latin quotes: that always goes down well
4622 Thank You for your very kind invitation to lunch
4623 We are all in the shit here so start rowing
4624 Various auto-erotic practises
4625 A gentlemen's gentleman

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