Sunday, January 10, 2016

January Prompts 5051-5075 

10 January 2016 - 08:05

5051 The train moves west now, through the shitty drug-dealing places
5052 I need chocolate, a phone-call from my daughter
5053 I tend to space it out, then gradually fill the gaps
5054 Calais perhaps, if someone can mind my dogs
5055 Bored high-vizzers with lollipop STOP and GOes

5056 I had a bad dream about living in Stoke
5057 Facebook AKA rent-a-Mob
5058 He would plough and then plough the other way. Better than home
5059 Cyanide, nah.
5060 From a train, have I ever // seen a thatched cottage

5061 Just for a day I'd be a bare-chest fan waving at the cameras
5062 I will kill myself if I can get a slot on Sunday Politics
5063 When we were just three lads, never growing old
5064 The different kinds of berries
5065 The Kapitan of a German Submarine

5066 The worse thing about solitude is noticing all the shit
5067 World War VII
5068 A bespectacled professor, very kind
5069 Following a man called Bleaney
5070 The sound of clogs, now trainers

5071 How we measure ourselves
5072 Terrible curtains like an awful joke
5073 What I really do not understand is simply being
5074 She took up little space
5075 Wallpaper like terrorist graffiti 

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