Sunday, January 17, 2016

January Prompts 5401-5425 

17 January 2016 - 09:09

5401 The philosophy of the discarded toy
5402 Houston, we have problems
5403 The child dressed as Woody
5404 It's a crazy idea but it just might work
5405 His hut in the corner of the garden

5406 How the kitchen shows the home
5407 Jack-in-the-Box
5408 If we could but see, if we could but understand
5409 Ready to Launch
5410 Let's go home and play

5411 Lava Lamp
5412 The dogs are in the kitchen
5413 An avenue of guilty trees
5414 The tailor has run out of cloth
5415 The measure of all this is

5416 As if you had never left this place
5417 To Infinity and Beyond
5418 Further out the sky was on fire
5419 I need to leave but the weather is so bad
5420 I think this love is slowing down

5421 Were you expecting flowers?
5422 The various purposes of elastic
5423 When the whole country was dark
5424 Leggings, light blue, Lycra
5425 An old carved bed

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