Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January Prompts 5176-5200 
12 January 2016 - 21:15

5176 A sense of dimming light
5177 Please call time. I am very tired
5178 A juke box crying for coins 
5179 These are not kind times
5180 Sharp hees on a parquet floor

5181 How the splinter finds the thumb
5182 The way a tree looks at wooden furniture
5183 Making signs the women understand
5184 Black stockings, hair severely in a bun
5185 The falcon does not love the falconer

5186 Seven Trumpeters, one triangle
5187 Memories of Spain
5188 If I could I would leave here now, and fly somewhere
5189 The radio is on and every hope expires
5190 Chicken Soup

5191 You have your facts. I will stick with feelings
5192 A night of white horses
5193 I have been translated from the French
5194 You may wait in that corner
5195 When we had given up we turned for home in silence

5196 In 77 I was living near Cardiff
5197 I was hoping to be kidnapped
5198 Insects smeared across the screen
5199 Sleeping in a cheap theatre, waiting for a train
5200 We lay in a soft green field, imagining we were safe

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