Saturday, January 02, 2016

January Prompts 4526-4550
02 January 2016 - 03:45

4526 Knuckle-head suckers fro pretentiousness
4527 In human relations, we should apply by letter and collect rejection slips
4528 First, it is necessary we entertain
4529 I think I hear footsteps
4530 Just your average corrupt official

4531 I care only about the music in events
4532 Galloping cities and crumbling horses                         
4533 Emotion from dialogue and description
4534 The terrorist's wedding
4535 If Daesh beheaded babies

4536 We doubt that much can be done now
4537 When you said it a grenade rolled across the floor
4538 Feeling my way towards my armchair, the heat of the fire
4539 My former employers would not recommend me
4540 Your eyes, my eyes, we are swimming in blood

4541 It is verbal glitter but underneath there is no gold
4542 It is noting less than forces, mathematics
4543 They say that I do things the hard way
4544 Wearing bright red, sex walking
4545 I am not facile and certainly not prolific

4546 Fish, water snakes, eager weeds
4547 Friday morning, half-term, muddy, dog at their heels
4548 I cannot remain in this room, Headmaster
4549 Last night I wrestled with the dogs
4550 The man next door has disappeared, the woman from three doors down

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