Thursday, January 28, 2016

January Prompts 5626-5650 

28 January 07:30

5626 Watching them enter their date of birth
5627 The Daily Mail Crossword
5628 He was receiving unemployment support
5629 I jump in front of a Hornby Double-O
5630 Big Brother is asleep

5631 Sand like sugar
5632 I take a handful of M&Ms with a large whisky
5633 Last night I dreamt I was in Milton Keynes
5634 Climb into my stale bed
5635 I am worried that I have run out of things to do

5636 Goodbye Cruel World
5637 Chair scrape, someone laughs
5638 Last night, a moonbeam
5639 I was wrong once, February, 1980
5640 Mrs Fisher’s Nephew kills people

4641 I practice by jumping from ground-floor windows
5642 You have mail!
5643 The news is terrible; let’s go to bed
5644 Fifty quid’s worth of take-away from a shitty restaurant
5645 I would like to have a school mistress

5646 There is no part of me that does not ache
5647 Bad poetry in awful anthologies
5648 I am saving for an open blade
5649 The results delayed
5650 The people who came before us are the people who will be after us

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