Sunday, January 03, 2016

January Prompts 4626-4650

03 January 2016 - 15:49

4626 Box-cars, full of eyes
4627 Be quiet now, just be quiet
4628 How now, it all begins to end
4229 We have not eaten for days. Why does Klaus look smug?
4630 The General leaves his position

4631 He jokes about girls and dreams of boys
4632 He squats to shit in a field of clover
4633 The next day they arrest a man
4634 I have no idea what kind of day he had
4635 The people in the blue houses are dancing

4636 My leopard is very quiet today
4637 With a shrug of his shoulders
4638 From bathroom to bathroom, praying
4640 Direct from the manufacturers

4641 The childless wife bakes bread
4642 One by one they open their doors
4643 Dragged by his heels through the dusty streets
4644 I was driving home and you were driving home
4645 Two dark men walking, hate in their hearts

4646 Where is the Red Hand?
4647 It was a nothing evening of a nothing day in a nothing-happening week
4648 Women in cheap cotton dresses
4649 The policeman wore perfect white gloves 
4650 Tourists from England taking pictures

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