Saturday, January 16, 2016

January Prompts 5351-5375 

16 January 2016 - 06:12

5351 Think of it more like falling out of bed
5352 To the person who took my seat and died
5353 The difference between quiet and silence
5354 I quite like that idea of walking through mellow corn to Elysium
5355 I would like to be a knife-thrower's target. Well, not the TARGET

5356 What if at birth we were issued with a bomb?
5357 You TXT. Tr dlyd. Smne dd on line
5358 I don't dislike them, but they disturb me
5359 The elastic electric of my arms
5360 Brakes squealing. No, it's not like that

5361 I am so very, very, hungry
5363 Once, after I had survived something, I remembered I wasn't a hero
5364 My mother died two years before I was born
5365 The flood of suddenly remembering, the feeling not the things

5366 He has pre-pubescent girls dancing his name
5367 What I was like once, when still able to read poetry
5368 I am not your mother or your brother. We just happen to be in the same boat
5369 You put your left leg in
5370 After sex, do they still call it life?

5371 Pathe News, the fabulous condescension, flat-hats and pearly Kings & Queens
5372 I stopped suddenly, hearing cancer
5373 Let me hand on this misery, son. it's only fair
5374 My daughter without make-up for a week
5375 Evening came up and I heard a woman singing

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